Blog Audit

Given the outcome of the presidential elections and the transition from a supportive/pro-LGBT rights presidential administration to a very conservative one, I thought it would very important to note if there would be any harsh setbacks staged by the current President and his staff. At first,  I wanted to focus on marriage equality and discuss currents events in regards to this since there has been some opposition based on religious beliefs and moral values, especially after the 2015 Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage.

 However, as I started to look more into LGBT rights, I noted that there is so much more than marriage equality, such as transgender and bathroom bills which have been discussed in previous posts. Also, I became aware of the great support that the LGBTQ community is receiving from different sports organizations, which I found very interesting given the role that sports play in  American Society. Furthermore, I have noticed that the anti-LGBT bills that some state intent to pass have gotten negative feedback from people who stand with LGBTQ+ members and equality, for example, the Texas Welcomes All Campain in response to the Texas Privacy Act and the protests in Missouri against the Senate Bill 98. 

Most of my post have been of the informative kind. I have reported on news and current events while trying to stay as objective and partial as possible. However, I noticed that by doing so, I did not really leave much room for comments or discussion. Which is why I decided to change things up a bit, and include my personal opinion in my last post with the intention of triggering some thoughts and opinions. In times like this, I believe is very important to be aware of our rights and the government’s actions in order to move forward and be more inclusive of all people. 


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